The Successful Women behind Mother of Pearl

Mother of pearl womenswear has the all the ingredient of a successful fashion label. The silhouettes are something a woman could easily wear, the prints are striking, and always evolving and distinctive as they partner with different artists for every collection. The perfect mixture of art and fashion, the brand has pinned down the cool London girl look.

Behind this successful label who is dubbed by the popular fashion website, as the London label to watch out for, are two successful women who has made the brand soar in the radar of all fashion aficionados worldwide.

Maia Norman founded Mother of Pearl in 2002 and her designs are primarily influenced by her love of sports and adventure and deep connection with art. The result is a collection of pieces that are dramatic, edgy and yet wearable fashion. Because of the collection's infusion of art and style, Mother of Pearl began gain popularity in the fashion industry.

Mother of Pearl even soared greater heights when Amy Powney has joined the team. Powney started working at the brand as a design intern after she graduated from Kingston University. In 2011, she became the Design Director and continued to develop prints with collaboration artists, which had become a seasonal feature of Mother of Pearl. Norman saw her passion and potential and made her the Creative Director in 2016. Since then, Powney has streamlined the Mother of Pearl aesthetic to ensure that the luxe sports philosophy is evident in the silhouettes and detailing of each piece. She stayed true to the vision of Norman and the brand but also injected her own sense of design.

Both ladies has come up with a working system on how can use their strengths to make Mother of Pearl a brand to reckon with. Maia, the art connoisseur, will pick the initial artists and then we sit down with Amy, discuss the options and decide whom they both feel would work for the coming season. It's a great team as both women have different strength and can look at the work from different viewpoints, Maia is a long-time member of the art world and has a great knowledge for the artists and their work and Amy will look at the design and production viewpoint. How the artwork will be translated to print and fabrics and how it will fit in the inspiration for the collection. This kind of harmonious work relationship makes the initial design phase a breeze.

Mother of Pearl knows its strength in mixing high fashion with wearability. Powney wanted the brand to showcase clothing that are made for women by a woman. The label has now expanded to include bags and shoes. They also recently launched an e-commerce site where women all over the world can buy their bags.

Mother of Pearl presented their first collection at London Fashion Week for AW14. The brand has been shortlisted for the BFC Vogue Fashion Fund in 2015 and 2016. The brand is currently a staple favourite for that cool British women look.

Theory Launches A Selection Of Bags Just In Time For Fall

A handbag is considered an essential fashion item by many women. It is, after, the best way to store everything that is collected throughout the day. A handbag is not just an accessory that can help make a fashion statement by complimenting a woman's outfit, but is also one of the most convenient accessories a woman can carry with them. Cellphones, tablets, makeup, perfume, notepads and many more items can be carried in a handbag in order to have easy access to these items at any time of the day. The woman simply reaches into her handbag to grab her cell phone when she needs to make a call on-the-go or reaches for her lipstick just before entering a meeting, which is conveniently located in her handbag.

Theory(Theory Online Store) Mother of pearl womenswear took the idea of handbags being an essential element for women and created a line of luxurious, sophisticated handbags. The range of handbags features different designs in order to cater to every type of woman, whether she is sporty, professional or simply modern. They also took several colors and materials into consideration while designing this collection of handbags - not every woman likes a leather handbag, just as every woman has their own color preference when it comes to choosing a handbag.

The "T-Bar"

During their fall 2016 showoff, the "T-Bar" was the first bag in the new collection of handbags to hit the stage. The handbag collection has been designed to be both elegant and practical, featuring quite a large interior in order to store all of the essentials a woman needs to carry with them during the day. The collection of handbags has been designed to carry the spirit of Theory forward, by featuring a simplistic design that is created with only the highest quality materials. On the exterior, the handbag features a T-Shape stitch, combined with signature details that are unique to the "T-Bar" collection. This handbag is available in a smooth, leather or suede design, as well as with fur pouches.

The "Whitney"

While some women prefer a spacious handbag, others look for something that is more compact. The "Whitney" range of handbags from Theory is the perfect compact handbag that is also lightweight and stylish. These bags offer a perfect curved shape, with heavy edge stitches emphasizing the best parts of the bag. To finish it off, a 10kt gold-finished ring has been added as a handle, which means the woman can carry the bag by hand or over the shoulder by connecting a strap. This range is available in a topstitch calf, leather, and a fur version.

The "Perry"

Fitting in perfectly between the "T-Bar" and the "Whitney" collection, the "Perry" collection of handbags feature an elegant design that is also sporty. This is the perfect handbag to go with a casual outfit, but it can also be used as an elegant accessory - which makes the "Perry" one of the most versatile bags by Theory. The range of handbags also features bonded leather lining, as well as a cross-body strap that can easily be removed. It is available in calf, leather, and shearling.